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All Solutions LLC solves all manner of concerns with Indoor Air Quality in McHenry, IL and surrounding areas. Our team is certified and trained to accurately diagnose issues and answer with effective technology.  There’s no guesswork involved.  We create a strategy that’s right for your unique situation, and through proven innovations, deliver whole-home improvement.

Reliable Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Contact All Solutions LLC at (847) 780-6131, and take advantage of over 30 years of local and industry experience.  We’re well-versed in the challenges of weather extremes.  While a tightly sealed thermal envelope combats energy waste, pollutants are trapped inside.  Excessively dry air, airborne contaminants, fumes, bacteria, and temperature fluctuations can create a threat to health, comfort, home furnishings, and integrity of HVAC equipment.  The right air quality accessory makes all the difference.  Breathe easier with Indoor Air Quality service from All Solutions LLC throughout McHenry, Island Lake, Port Barrington, Wauconda, Lakemoor, Crystal Lake & Fox Lake, IL.  We stand behind every project with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Some of the many Indoor Air Quality options we offer include:

  • Humidifiers – Operating quietly, requiring minimal upkeep and handling all size of homes, humidifiers introduce necessary moisture, allowing lower thermostat settings, enhancing comfort, trimming energy usage, and avoiding the many health risks linked to overly dry air.
  • Air Ionizers – Purifying the air in a room through electrically charged air molecules, ionizers remove particulates, microbes, odors, dust, pollen, smoke, mold, bacteria, and more, to create and maintain a healthier and more enjoyable living environment.
  • Smart Thermostats – Giving you easier access and greater control over your HVAC equipment, smart thermostats optimize energy efficiency and comfort, saving time and money, and promoting superior management of your indoor climate.


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