As your heating and cooling system ages it can lose efficiency and even break, and choosing just any contractor can lead to a costly and prolonged operation. So when you need any service for your Heating, Ventilation or Air Conditioning Systems, you can count on All Solutions LLC to get the job done right. We provide a free estimate to help you decide on the right system to fit your needs and budget, and we supervise the project along every phase of the process to guarantee quality results.

Choose from one of our precision tune-ups, our annual and semi-annual maintenance plans, or just give us a call for any of your HVAC service needs. We also sell HVAC products and provide 24-hour emergency service. Let us know how we can help you!

Service Plans

All Solutions Longevity Plan

Much like maintaining your car, it pays to keep your home’s heating, air conditioning and HVAC systems in peak operating condition.

Our Longevity Plan provides the following benefits:

  • Semi-annual (2) maintenance tune-ups with duct inspection
  • Up to 15% on un-scheduled / unexpected repairs
  • Full system diagnostic reduced to $75
  • Exclusive discounts on emergency service (at time of service)
  • VIP Service and Priority Scheduling – you move to the front of the line every time you call
  • Guaranteed service within 48 hours
  • Manager hotline access
  • Free project consultation


  • Just $13.92 per month, or $167 per year
  • Each additional unit just $1.25 per month or $65 per year

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Sign up today and have peace of mind knowing your heating and air conditioning systems are in good hands.

30 Point Tune Up – Cooling

We do a thorough inspection of your cooling system to make sure it keeps you cool when you need it! The tune up includes:

  • Scanning and inspection of all internal components, including a high resolution (1080 dp) deep internal scan, and a camera scan of blower assembly
  • Testing and measurement of electrical systems including thermostats, compressor terminal connections, fan amps, compressor and fan
  • Check and tighten all low voltage connections and electrical connections
  • Inspect condenser coil, flush condensate drain line, clean out debris from bottom of condenser
  • Inspection of duct work and flue pipe
  • Check refrigerant charge and tighten all refrigerant service valve caps and covers
  • Update inspection label and perform cleanup of service area

30 Point Tune Up – Heating

Our heating system tune up will help make sure you stay warm when the weather gets cold. The tune up includes:

  • High resolution deep internal furnace scan (if necessary)
  • Thorough inspection of heat exchanger, blower and evaporator coil – if necessary we pull the blower assembly to check the wheel and motor, plus we vacuum out minor rust deposits
  • Inspection and cleaning of burners
  • Check of ignition and temperature systems
  • Inspect duct work and flue pipe and replace standard 1 inch pleated filter (only at time of service)
  • Check of all gas valve operations and adjust pressure if necessary
  • Inspection of all electrical systems, tighten connections, check thermostat
  • Update inspection label and cleanup of service area


We also offer a wide selection of residential HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) products, including:

  • AC Units (Central, Split, Window, Wall)
  • Heating Systems (Gas, Electric, Solar, Forced Air)
  • Ventilators (Humidifiers, Electronic Air Cleaners, Attic Ventilators)
  • Thermostats (WiFi, Redlink, IQA)
  • Sensors (outside, room, duct, humidity)
  • Water Heaters
  • Exhaust Hoods
  • Zoning Solutions (furnace/air conditioner, wireless zoning systems)
  • Boilers (in floor heat, ice melting for sidewalks/driveways, baseboard, radiators, plus AC for boiler systems)
  • Unit heaters (infra, gas, electric)
  • High Efficiency Air Cleaners (UV, inonizer, Hepa-filtration)
  • Back-up Generators

And we provide services for all your HVAC needs, from purchasing and selling to installations and repair-work. We also carry ENERGY STAR rated heating and cooling systems that can help you save up to 30% on energy costs. So don’t wait till the middle of summer or winter to get your system repaired or installed.